Event Details

  • Start Date 07/26/2024
  • Start Time 09:00
  • End Date 07/29/2024
  • End Time 17:00
  • Location Nepal Academy, Kathmandu

Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital has always been the talk of art, culture and heritage. Now, it’s time for a celebration of literature and the power of dialogue with the Kathmandu Literature Festival (KLF) 2024.

 Kathmandu Literature Festival 2024 is the coming together of people with a passion for reading and writing to reflect on masterpieces as well as pave a path to newness. It’s a way to connect with people, share stories, and have a spirited exchange of ideas.

Get ready for an immersive experience that promises to celebrate literature, culture, and creativity by bringing together writers, readers, connoisseurs, influencers, and thinkers.

Join us in this gathering that aims to nurture and cultivate a lifelong love for literature and empower the voices of tomorrow with an accumulation of literary work readings, panel discussions, exhibitions, book signings, interactive sessions, book fairs, literary awards, and much more.

Topics Artists Time Venue
How to Start Freelancing 10:00-12:00 Room#2
Lunch Break 12:00-2:00 Room#2
Independent Freelancer 2:00-3:00 Room#2
Topics Artists Time Venue
Finding Your Ideal Clients 10:00-12:00 Room#2
Lunch Break 12:00-1:00 Room#2
Design for Startups 1:00-3:00 Room#2
Marketing Agency 07:00-9:00 Room#2
Topics Artists Time Venue
How to Gain Regular Work 10:00-12:00 Room#2
Lunch Break 12:00-1:00 Room#2
Finance For Freelancers 1:00-5:00 Room#2
Content Marketing Agency 1:00-5:00 Room#2